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    Good Reasons to Hit the Beach in Mexico this Summer

    travel Mexico
    travel Mexico

    ?Reasons to visit Mexico

    In recent years Mexico has had no end of problems, what with their national tourism industry in ruin caused in part by the countries H1N1 flu (AKA swine flu) outbreak last year and no end of negative press following the outbreak. Now that the World Health Organisation have made it safe to visit Mexico again, I’d like to share with you some of the best reasons to visit this beautiful country.

    Food and Drink

    Being a food person, I just love eating different tasty foods from a variety of different cultures. Mexico has so much variety in their foods, many of their classic dishes can be found in popular restaurants back home and in our supermarkets, there is something special about the food served in this Country and as always like Italian pizzas in Italy, Mexican tortillas taste so much better in Mexico. Depending upon which parts of Mexico you visit, you will find subtle culinary differences between the recipes; I have never had a bad taco in Mexico!

    A traditional spirit drink in Mexico is tequila, which is as cheap as water out there. Caution, drinking to much may cause involuntary loss of memory and an awful headache next morning, you have been warned! Corona, widely available in Europe and America is produce of Mexico, a fantastic beer served with lime, light and refreshing.

    Cheap Holiday

    Mexico has become cheaper recently, in an attempt to lure tourists back to the Country and make up for an appalling year, given the circumstances though, their recovering well. Many good deals can be gotten even in the peak travel season and trust me they wont be around forever. The tourism industry is in recovery. The Yucatan area of Mexico has picked up much quicker than estimated and looks to be back to the pre swine flu numbers sooner than other areas. Don’t forget to check on-line for the latest deals, you will quite often get a better deal over the Internet.

    Ancient Culture

    Mexico is a place of wonder, you don’t have to travel far to get involved in the Countries rich history. Mexico City itself is home to many ruined cities, architectural master pieces built Centuries ago. A time before computers, before machinery, the very thought of it is enough to make you bask in wonder.

    As well as the ancient culture, Mexico is home some fantastic colonial Spanish architecture such as the Catedral Metropolitano constructed on and off over a period of 240 years!

    Beach Weather

    Mexico has consistently good weather most of the year round, couple this with fantastic beaches like the picturesque Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta, it’s not hard to imagine yourself here relaxing in the fantastic weather Mexico has to offer tourists.

    As you can see, Mexico has much to offer the tourist and at a lot less of a cost than many other destinations. It will not last forever though, Mexico is a popular destination for its culture, its rich history, its amazing food and last but not least its pure sandy beaches and great weather.

    Author Byline: This article was written exclusively for triporiginator.com by blogger Isaac Bullen. Isaac blogs and writes on behalf of a number of UK travel businesses including Rental Reserve who have quality Apartments in Glasgow and Apartments in Edinburgh.

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