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    Geneva, Maggiore and Como

    Touring Europe’s most beautiful lakes

    The European continent offers many delights and can appeal to pretty much anyone. One of Europe’s most coveted possessions is its grand lakes scattered throughout numerous countries.

    One of the best places to witness the wonders of Europe’s lakes is on the Swiss-Italian border, where several of the continent’s most beautiful locations harbour beautiful landscapes consisting of mountainous skylines and pure blue waters.

    Chillon Chateau Sunset
    Lake Genevamerlune / Foter / CC BY-NC

    The best way to take in such scenery to the fullest is taking a road trip and touring the areas first-hand so you can see everything on your wish list, as well as the great little towns along the way and work to your own schedule. Making a plan along the way will help you budget for hotels and your petrol or diesel (maybe even putting measures in place for your European Diesel Card).

    Lake Geneva

    Located right on top of the Swiss-French border is Geneva and the city lies on one of Western Europe’s largest lakes, Lake Geneva. This French-speaking part of Switzerland is among the most picturesque and with the mountains surrounding most of the water, it offers one of the best views on the continent, if not the world.

    If you have the time, a visit to Geneva itself is imperative, and if you have the time, a trip to Lausanne is also advised to see Lake Geneva from its most open point and allows you get the best perspective on the whole body of water.

    Lake Maggiore

    Heading south east into Italy, Lake Maggiore is another that penetrates two different countries (Italy and Switzerland) and offers similar breath-taking views.

    Notable towns to visit on the shore of Maggiore include Verbania and Arona (a great location for those into history). However, as Maggiore is long and narrow, navigating it by car can be tricky and so it would be advised to stick to just one shoreline or corner of the lake, otherwise you may find yourself travelling a great deal and spending plenty on diesel, unless you can get the ferry across the strait.

    Lake Como

    One of Italy’s most famous locations is Lake Como and is just a few miles east of Maggiore. The primary location of this lake is at the town of Como itself which is situated south west of the lake and is a popular tourist destination, so expect it to be busy in the summer months.

    Como has many sights that must be witnessed, aside from the wondrous marvels of the lake, and includes many churches and the town cathedral among its most popular. However, the increasing international profile of Como, due to the town being used as filming locations for movies and even famous stars of the screen buying property in the area, has made the location a slightly expensive place to visit. Nonetheless, it is an essential box to tick when touring Europe’s top destination.

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