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    Films That Inspire Travel

    For many years, travellers have taken inspiration from the big screen, and with the amazing locations used in the top new releases as well as classic films, it’s no surprise that films make people want to travel. Below are three top films that inspire travel.

    on the beach
    Image by mikebaird

    The Beach

    First up is the Beach. Based on a novel, this Danny Boyle film was filmed on the popuylar holiday island of Koh Phi Phi. This film stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Tilda and features a backpacker searching for paradise, something most people can probably relate to. With stunning images of the clear blue sea and the sand beaches, it’s no surprise this film makes people want to grab their passports and book a couple of Thailand Flights!

    Shirley Valentine

    Another film that is said to have encouraged British consumers to jet off abroad is the classic film, Shirley Valentine, a tale about a middle-aged woman enjoying a passionate holiday romance in Greece. Originally a play, this film sees its main character, a liverpudlian housewife; fly off to Greece with her best friend, leaving her husband behind with nothing but a note on the kitchen table. This classic tale of self-realisation and awareness has no doubt inspired hundreds to live life in the moment.

    Roman Holiday

    Set in Rome, this classic love story features the beautiful Audrey Hepburn playing a character called Ann, who is a European princess on a diplomatic trip to the Italian capital. She flees the borders of a palace and makes friends with an American journalist who ends up spending the day with her pretending he isn’t aware of her princess status. Make sure you don’t miss the scene at the mysterious Mouth of Truth, it’s bound to make you smile.

    A Little Romance

    This film will make you want to get online and book some cheap flights to Europe so you can visit the three main cities featured; Paris, Venice and Verona. The story follows a wealthy American girl who moves to Paris and falls for a poor French boy. When they hear that a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice will make seal their bond, the couple head to Italy in search of eternal love. The amazing views of Europe will inspire you to get out there and travel.

    The Gods Must Be Crazy


    If a trip to Africa has never really appealed to you, you should most definitely watch this film. It’s a touching tale about Bushmen who live in a small village in the Kalahari Desert. They discover a Coke bottle that somebody has thrown out and this newfound object fills the residents with curiosity. They are can’t seem to work out what it could have been used for and so the chief is convinced it’s a gift from the gods that must be returned.  With a few great characters such as a foreign school teacher and a lumbering scientist alongside some stunning scenery, this will make you want to get on the first flight to the mighty Africa.

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