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    Festival of the Argentina cowboys-gaucho

    Every year on November, 10th they celebrate the Day of the Gaucho with increasing popularity (Gaucho – the ethnic group which has been formed in 16-17 centuries from marriages of Spaniards with American Indian women; historically they led a vagrant life, worked as shepherds). They organize this holiday on several ranches of Argentina – on continuous territories of the Las-Pampas in 600 km to the south from Buenos Aires and in San Antonio d? ?r???.

    Despite of influence of the European culture, gauch? still remains a national symbol. Though during 19-th century European land owners have settled here, gaucho skills were irreplaceable for cattle protecting on the territory of Argentina.

    Gaucho are also famous for the dexterity, but their main skills are singing and dancing.

    With urbanization growth gaucho have migrated to the slums of Buenos Aires, they have brought with themselves milonga – sad national tunes, and payada – fast violent dance in which the parties try to surpass each other in freakish feet movements. Both of these national traditions, having merged, have led to a birth of a tango.

    If you visit this day Festival gaucho in San Antonio de ?reko, you will see parade of horses, dances, songs and will try the fine meat. Also do not pass graceful dance payada under sparks of curtains. If you have not tried asado yet, a local barbecue – so its time to do it! Order a n airline-ticket at a travel deals site and fly there. In 19-th century import of English ?berdeen-anguss breed has brought the Argentina beef quality to probably best beef in the world.

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