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Famous film locations to visit in Los Angeles


Los Angeles, California is where countless movies are written, filmed and released. Unofficially the filmmaking capital of North America, the city is full of famous buildings and recognizable streets from some of the most iconic movie scenes. You can experience the filmmaking culture in Los Angeles by visiting these iconic film locations.

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is the setting for the pivotal shoot-out scene in James Dean’s ‘Rebel Without a Cause.’ It was one of James Dean’s three movies before his untimely death, and many believe he would have gone on to act in hundreds of more films, making him a Hollywood icon regardless of his short filmography. As ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ was one film of only a few featuring James Dean, a visit to the Griffith Observatory is certainly a special experience.

Many films have included the well-visited Rodeo Drive, one of Los Angeles’ finest shopping districts. One of the most celebrated of those films was ‘Pretty Woman’ featuring a young Julia Roberts. It’s on Rodeo Drive that Robert’s character is rejected by store staff for being inappropriately dressed and it’s on the same famous street that Richard Gere’s character allows her to feel worthy of attention by showering her with gifts and attentive customer service. Rodeo Drive is known for its appearance in several other films, so when you visit the famous shopping district, it is sure to look familiar.

If you are a fan of musicals, be sure to visit Venice High School in Los Angeles, the filming location for 1978’s film ‘Grease.’ With stars like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John singing and dancing through the grounds of this high school, ‘Grease’ fans of all ages love visiting the location of the fictional Rydell High School. Several scenes were filmed on different parts of the school grounds, so it’s a good idea to take a walk around the school yard when classes are not in session to get a true Rydell High experience.

When planning your trip to Los Angeles, be sure to not only consider which famous film locations you’d like to visit but also your accommodation and transportation arrangements. It’s a good idea to consider the film locations you’d like to visit and where you’d like to stay in the city. While there are several hotels in the city centre, it might also be a good idea to stay at one of the convenient LAX hotels as it will be a short trip from the airport to your hotel room.

Of course, as one of the most famous cities in the world with regards to cinema, there are several more iconic film locations for any visitor to see on a trip to the city. Prior to your visit, you can research your favourite movies and make a list of your most anticipated locations. Visiting the film locations of your favourite movies is a unique and memorable way to get to know Los Angeles – and the ability to have your photograph taken whilst visiting them is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity.

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