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Family Holidays to Disneyland


If you want to book an extra special family holiday, Disneyland could be the ideal solution. One of the world’s most famous family attractions, a trip to Disneyland will be loved of children of all ages as well as the grown up’s.

From Haunted Mansions to Indiana Jones Adventures, there really is something for everyone at the Disneyland Resort. World renowned for special effects and memorable experiences, there are thrills, spills, rides and rollercoaster’s to be enjoyed.

You can even share a magical experience with some of your favorite Disney Characters thanks to Character Dining options, attractions and entertainment, enabling the whole family to get up close to some of the world’s most loved cartoon and movie characters.

As well as the famous theme park and water parks, you can also visit the fairytale Magic Kingdom Park or take a trip into the movie worlds at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Downtown Disney District also gives you a chance to dine, shop and enjoy the entertainment available along the promenade. There are over 20 different shops as well as the huge World of Disney store where you can buy all sorts of merchandise as a reminder of your trip away.

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland, take some time to work how to get around as there is plenty of ground to cover and hundreds of things to see.

Once you arrive at the Disneyland resort you should be able to easily navigate your way around using a special Disney map and the easy to follow signs. At the centre of Disneyland you can find the “Partners” statue of Walt and Mickey. From this centre point, the main parts of the park branch out.

Disneyland is spit into eight separate areas or ‘lands’; Main Street is south of the centre, Fantasyland is to the North, Tomorrowland is to the East and both Adventureland and Frontierland are to the West.
New Orleans Square, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown are the three newest lands and were added on after the five originals were built.

Each land is adjacently connected to the next so you can travel between different lands without having to first return to the entre. When you are actually inside the park, the Disneyland Rail Road is an easy way to get around.

When booking family holidays to Disneyland, remember there is a range of Disney Hotels you can stay in, making the whole experience complete.

There are different options to choose from, including Disney hotels with dining, shopping, gyms, health spas and pools. When staying in a Disneyland Hotel you will most likely benefit from a free park shuttle service though it is always best to check with the hotel before making reservations.


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