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Explore Lanzarote In 2010


The recent spell of freezing cold weather in the UK and Europe has helped focus minds on escapes to warmer climes.  And according to the leading flight search engine Sksycanner Lanzarote is amongst the Top 10 destinations for British tourists during 2010.  Climbing four places from its previous position in 2008.

So what are the attractions of this small island in the Atlantic?  Lanzarote´s key attribute is undoubtedly its climate.  As along with the rest of the Canaries it can be found around 100 miles off the coast of West Africa.  And so enjoys a semi tropical climate that makes it an ideal holiday destination all year round.  As even during winter it’s warm enough here to enjoy days on the beach.

Lanzarote´s proximity to Northern Europe is another key factor.  As flight times of just four hours make the island the closest winter sun destination to the mainland.  A salient point when consumers are tightening their belts and looking for good value alternatives to more expensive and exotic far flung destinations.

Indeed flights to Lanzarote have never been cheaper – thanks to the recent introduction of new lost cost services from the likes of Ryanair and easyJet.  Which has dramatically reduced the cost of travelling to the island.  With prices now starting from as little as £9.99 return. 

Accommodation in Lanzarote is also of a high standard – and surprisingly affordable too in relation to many other holiday islands.  For example it’s possible to book apartments in Lanzarote from as little as £160 per week. Whilst reasonably priced holiday villas are also available across the island.

There’s a lot of good value hotel accommodation too – with over 200 establishments to choose from across Lanzarote.  With the largest selection to be found in the south in and around the fast growing resort of Playa Blanca.  Home to some glorious beaches such as Playa Dorada and Playa Flamingo.

Lanzarote also offers visitors a lot of different things to see and do.  There are over 90 beaches to explore – along with a host of charming little villages, such as Haria, Yaiza and Maguez.  Whilst the former island capital of Teguise is a fascinating excursion for anyone with an interest in history and architecture.  As this was the first Spanish settlement in the Canaries and is still home to a number of buildings that date back to the 15th Century.