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European Road Trip – Mille Miglia

European Road Trip – Mille Miglia

European citizens are blessed with the accessibility of travelling to numerous countries without any hassle as long as they are carrying a European passport from their respective homeland. Travelling through Europe via the train system has always been popular, but one which has become increasingly expensive. It is also less flexible than travelling by car as you can’t control what route you take and where you stop, here is a guide to one fantastic European driving route which will enable you to stop off at distinguished cities and visit historic landmarks.

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Mille Miglia

While this trip will only take you through Italy, it is worth adding on to the end of your road trip or at least the start, before you make your way west or east. This was once a famous competitive driving route which began in 1927 but tragically ended in 1957 after a Ferrari crashed into the spectating public and killed 12 people.

The shape of this endurance race is a figure ‘8’  and you can begin in Rome or Brescia, and unlike participating in the actual race, you can make as many stop-offs as you need. Working your way down from Brescia you will visit the east side of Italy. Brescia is a fantastic city to start with as its rich with history and you will be able to witness the influences of the Roman era, the Middle Ages and the renaissance period in its architecture. From here you can visit the outskirts of the city and towns such as Rezzato, or continue to make your way down the coast. Stopping off at the Desenzano Del Garda is a must as it is home to Italy’s largest lake—Lake Garda. This town is a popular choice with tourists because of its spectacular views of the Alps, general gorgeous scenery and busy nightlife.

As you continue on you will get the chance to stop at places like Sirmione and Solferino, but the next big city stop has to be Verona. The inner city of Verona is actually a UNESCO world heritage site due to its large number of Roman buildings and monuments. Be sure to visit the Roman Ampitheatre and the Castelvecchio Bridge which looks spectacular at night time.

Away from the east coast of Italy, Bologna is also worth a visit for similar reasons. To reach the city itself you will embark on a journey which will take you down small windy roads, in the midst of beautiful fields and scenery. The Two Towers are the symbol of the city and were erected in medieval times as defensive towers. There are over 200 towers in the city of Bologna itself. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit Rome, the birthplace of the Roman Empire and home to breath-taking landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Vatican and St.Peter’s Square.