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Escape To Lanzarote This Summer


There are still plenty of god value deals available for anyone planning a late break this summer. With many travel companies and tour operators now seeking to offload over capacity. Creating real bargains for those who are able to jet off in the next couple of weeks.

Lanzarote is an ideal destination as the weather on this small Canary Island remains excellent well into the autumn months and beyond. Thanks to its location close to the Tropic of Cancer off the coast of West Africa. Flights to Lanzarote are also available cheaply from most UK airports, aiding independent travellers who like to build their own breaks online. Expect to pay around €200 return during September.

Accommodation in Lanzarote is also pretty affordable. A standard studio apartment in one of the main holiday resorts will cost from €180 per week. Which is the price per room and not per person. Whilst there are also thousands of Lanzarote holiday villas available for rent for anyone looking for something a little larger. Hotels on the island are also very reasonably priced, especially by comparison with some other Spanish island such as Ibiza and Mallorca. Head for Playa Blanca in the south to secure the best possible deal.

The island is very popular with tourists from the UK and Germany. Who collectively account for around 60% of all visitors. But still retains a strong Spanish feel, despite the fact that it is many hundreds of miles south of the Iberian Peninsula. As like the rest of the Canaries Lanzarote was conquered by the Spanish crown during the early 1400´s. Becoming an integral cog in the growing empire.

Today tourism dominates the islands economy and is concentrated in the three main tourist resorts of Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise. Whilst the north of the island is left pretty much untouched by development. Visitors will also find an island wide ban on high rise buildings in place, making it a pleasing destination visually.

Exploring is easy as Lanzarote is small, making it possible to drive from on end of the island to the other in under an hour. The volcanic region is the most popular attraction – where visitors can view hundreds of volcanoes up close. All of which are now dormant. Whilst the island is also home to some really pretty towns and villages, some of which such as Teguise are very historic. Boasting buildings that date back to the 1450´s.

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