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Enjoy Vacation Villas under the Tuscan Sun


Vacation in Tuscany villa is the most memorable due to its unique surroundings and pleasant weather. Tuscany is blessed with the finest villas that depict ancient art. Across Tuscany there are many beautiful farmhouses and rental villas that provide an opportunity to explore small villages with its own treasures. They also provide opportunities to enjoy local cooking and wines. So, when you rent a villa, you can be a part of an Italian culture. This area is rich in art, culture, and history and apart from this the region is maintaining its ancient tradition.

Vacation villa in Tuscany is usually surrounded by beautiful olive groves. A large dining table and lights add glory to villa. Japanese style garden along with swimming pool offers a soothing effect. The living room has fire place with an ancient look. The kitchen in villa is well-equipped with modern appliances like microwave, toaster, freezer, dishwasher and a large fire place with barbeque to roast meat and vegetables.

Some Tuscany vacation villas also have bunk beds which can be useful for children. Galleried room with spiral staircase is special feature of some rental villas. Bedrooms in the villas have private bathrooms, air conditioner and open space to add comfort and pleasure to your holidays. The special patios offer you the chance to organize a typical Tuscan meal at the villas.

Tuscany is a spectacular and sensational land that offers artistic heritage being the historical foundation of the Renaissance. Discover Tuscany through different facets such as sculptures, museums, historical buildings, amazing towns, galleries, gardens and national parks. Tuscany is the place which reflects your tastes, passions and emotions with its colors, fragrance and a deep sense of family ties that bonds you with one of the most memorable holiday destinations of the world.

A few Tuscany vacation villas have double storey where the ground floor opens out to an entrance hall decorated with lovely frescoes. A huge lounge area with a big fireplace, a spacious dining area, and library, a conveniently big kitchen-cum-dining room with a fireplace, a toilet and a laundry room these all gives a villa luxurious look and comfort to the tourists. The upper level may have six to eight excellently furnished and pristine bedrooms depending on the size of the villas. Tuscany villas have their own identity and style, with ensuite bathrooms and one with a bath. All the rooms have ceiling fans and windows offering lovely vistas of the garden that surrounds vineyards. Some estates have a beautifully kept garden that may range over 3.000 square meters or more with golden mimosas, roses, camellias and hydrangeas that reflect the colors of the countryside. This offers an excellent opportunity for guests to spend leisure time with friends or family.   They can even spend a lazy day relaxing under the gazebo or swimming in the pool. The original decor and style decorating the interiors of the villas are mirrored thoroughly, which enhances the ambience along with the fireplace in the cheerful manner.

In the nutshell, Tuscany vacation villas offer extravagant holidays to enjoy and relax under the Tuscan Sun.