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Enjoy The Luxury Service from The New York Palace Hotel


The New York Palace Hotel is a luxury hotel, has the high services and amenities, with over 90 room and 150 Tower accommodations, also 100% smoke free environment.

New York, the big Apple city has so many things to offer for those who come and visit this city. There are hundreds or thousands of hotels where people can stay during their time in this fabulous city and one of them is the New York Palace Hotel. This hotel has a long history where it basically a hotel that combine the historic landmark Villard Mansion that was build in 1882 with a more modern 55 story towers was opened in 1981. This hotel has been operated under several managements and right now it is owned by Northwood Investors.

The New York Palace Hotel located in Midtown Manhattan is a premier luxury hotel in the area. What makes this hotel as a luxury hotel is more than just its luxury design but also another thing such as the upscale services and amenities. There are more than 90 spacious room and suites that is available in this hotel with more than 150 Tower accommodations. This way, every guest that come will surely enjoy their time in there and also enjoying the Manhattan view from up above.

There are other things that will make people enjoy more of their time in the New York Palace Hotel. This hotel has the 100% smoke free environment policy, to ensure a healthy environment. It also has pet policy that allows the guest to bring their pet along as long as it meets specific term. Those who bring their baby along also can ask the hotel to provide professional babysitting service for the time they stay in there. More superb service and luxury amenities are available in this hotel to ensure that every guest who comes to stay will feel fully comfortable and enjoy their time staying in the hotel while they take times to enjoy what New York City has to offer.