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    Dubai Popular as well as affordable tourist destinations in the world

    Dubai travel
    Dubai travel
    Dubai has developed into a marvelous tourist destination despite its desert topography. Emerging as one of most developed and modern of all the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is frequented by global travelers. Travelers can partake of excellent tourist amenities, hotel accommodation, fine dining, and amusement and sports facilities offered by the city of Dubai. Dubai has well developed into a picturesque city for it offers five star hotels, sprawling malls, a variety of amusement and entertainment parks, multi cuisine dining and night out options.

    The best time to plan a visit to Dubai is from last week of September till May. During the other months of the year, the climate of Dubai is extremely hot. At the same time, coastal areas experience a greater degree of humidity which simply compels people to stay indoors most of the time.

    It is essential for you to know that the Dubai is an Islamic city and hence Friday is their weekly off. Most Government offices, multinational company and to a certain extent schools do not stay open on Friday and Saturday. On the other hand, local business could operate on Thursdays for half a day while Friday could be their weekly day off.

    The Creek, Dubai is a place of natural as well as historical importance. A must visit to the Creek leaves one simply fascinated for it is a natural sea water inlet which enters through the midst of the city. With daily commercial activity taking place in and around the Creek, it does give a pleasant experience to simply observe the loading and unloading of dhows which ply across the creek to India and East Africa. The last end of the creek has been developed in to a wildlife sanctuary offering a home to migrating shore birds especially the Greater Flamingos.

    If you are on a look out for some modern fun day activities for families, you need to head for the 18-hectare WonderLand family fun park features a wide range of water attractions. The WonderLand park can cater to almost 8000 visitors at a time and offers a varied range of water rides such as twisters, wave runners, a Carribbean cruise and even speed slides and surf hills. Do watch the water mist show, water cinema and other attractions offered on land as well.

    The most popular activity to do in Dubai is to shop around and make most of the bargains, draws shows and promotional events which make you shop at unimaginably low prices in the world especially if you visit Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival. With reduced Dubai accommodation rates, cheap air tickets to Dubai, it comes as no surprise that people throng to visit the Dubai Shopping Festival which is an annual fare.

    Flying down to Dubai is great for it is accessible from anywhere in Europe, Asia, Australia and even Africa. Make sure book your air tickets to Dubai well in advance and avail them at cheapest fares possible. Accordingly, you should remember to book yourself into a hotel in Dubai as well. The best way to do it is to check out online for air tickets to Dubai along with hotel booking for both can be done simultaneously as soon as you decide to set out to fly to Dubai.

    The writer of this article is an editor at cleartrip.ae. Fly to Dubai, the most popular tourist and preferred commercial hub of the Middle East and make sure you avail the advantage of Dubai cheap flight tickets . Do visit Cleartrip.ae and check out the Dubai Flight booking facility online and avail the Dubai cheap air fares which make your travel to Dubai affordable and as well as exciting.

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