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Dealing with Illness on Holiday

Dealing with Illness on Holiday
Image by Idhren
Illness on Holiday
Image by Idhren

Holidays are supposed to relieve us from stress, help us relax, and give us the well-deserved break away from it all.  But when illness strikes on holiday, it can be utterly devastating and worrying for you and those around you.  From emergency help and insurance cover to holiday illness compensation, here are some top tips on dealing with illness abroad.

Travelling abroad is exciting and can help to broaden our minds as we learn more about the world.  Whether you are a backpacking travel addict and just can’t put your hat down for too long, or you love planning family holidays, there are some very important things to keep in mind wherever you go.

Top Tips for Dealing with Illness Abroad

Illness and sickness can occur at any point in our lives, but when it happens abroad, it can put an end to your holiday.  In a foreign country, you may feel very alone, utterly helpless and a little worried that you are so far away from home.

You have the options to continue your holiday if your symptoms desist with rest, seek immediate medical care, or you can return home where you feel more comfortable.  But before you make a decision, it’s important that you know all of your options.  Here are some top tips for dealing with health problems during your holiday:

  1. Get travel insurance before you fly – travel insurance varies from agency to agency, and it’s extremely important to conduct your research before you travel. Many travel insurers offer a range of deals which can save you a lot of money.  Before you buy, make sure you find out exactly what is covered.  Research the different coverage plans to see if they cover emergency medical care, all medical bills, air ambulance for severe cases, and international transport for family members.  If you suffer from long term illness and are likely to become ill on your break, it could be a good idea to opt for premium travel insurance in order to plan for the worst case scenario.
  2. Visit your doctor before you travel – if you are suffering from long term illness or a serious disease, visit your doctor before you go on holiday to get the medical prescriptions or advice which you may need.
  3. Understand risks and hazards – the most likely ways people become ill on holiday are from food poisoning, dirty swimming pools and unhygienic room conditions.  If you know the risks then you can learn to avoid illness as much as possible.
  4. Keep receipts – when dining abroad, keeping receipts not only come in handy when looking at your finances but they can also be evidence of where you have eaten along your travels.
  5. Use photographic evidence – if you have become ill due to the negligence of others (eg: hotels and restaurants), try and take as much photographic evidence as possible.
  6. Make an insurance claim – holidays are expensive so becoming ill on holiday, especially at no fault of your own, can be totally devastating.  You can make an insurance claim and you may even be surprised as to how much you can claim back for someone else’s negligence.  Food poisoning is one of the most common illnesses on holiday and now you can make a claim if this happens to you.