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Choosing Romantic Island Getaways for Honeymoon


For saving cost when visit romantic island getaways, you have to find affordable island like Gulf of Thailand, Chapwani Private Tanzania or Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji.

romantic island getaways Honeymoon were supposed to be full of romantic things, doing things with the one that people love in such a gorgeous place and romantic island getaways seems like the best options. In this day, it was so easy to find a secluded island where a couple can visit and spend a couple of days far away from their busy office and spend time with each other. Some of these islands may cost fortune, but for those who don’t have that kind of money are still able to find affordable island to do lots of romantic things.

Here are some examples of romantic island getaways that people can have their leisure time without have to worry for bankruptcy. In the Gulf of Thailand is where Nangyuan Island Dive resort located and there are three small islands where people can spend days on it not to mention have some great time to dive on 15 dive sites near the area. What about spend some times in Maui, Hawaii, which was known with its unparalleled beauty. There are many things that people can do in this island from whale watching, beachside relaxing, rainforest exploration and of course enjoy the famous rainbow.

Back to another tropical island in tropical country, Indonesia, we have Macan Island that is surrounded by stunning coral seascape. This is the perfect romantic island getaways for those who always enjoy snorkeling because they will see beautiful coral view and amazed by it. Want something more? Check out another beautiful option from Chapwani Private Island in Tanzania, Belize Barrier Reef and of course Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji. Most of those island offer stunning view with affordable cost, where people don’t have to break their account just to stay in there while in the same time enjoying some romantic time together with their love one.