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Checklist for travellers that want mobile broadband

Checklist for travellers that want mobile broadband
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laptop on holiday
laptop on holiday

Both business and leisure travellers these days benefit from having access to the internet whilst they are away, and for many people having access to broadband whilst on the move abroad has become as important as having a mobile phone once was to people that were travelling.

With mobile broadband those travelling abroad are able to take a part of their lives with them, enabling them to enjoy their time away more and minimise on the interruption to their lives without having to compromise on their trip. However, in order to enjoy this convenience and flexibility it is important that the right mobile broadband package is chosen.

If you are travelling abroad and want to have access to the internet you should consider a number of things before choosing a package, and the considerations should be based on where you are going on your travels.

Campers, hikers, and travellers to remote areas

If you are travelling to a more remote area of a country, perhaps on a camping or hiking trip, then accessing the internet is going to be more difficult. However, mobile broadband services can provide you with access at least part of the time depending on where you are going. You should be prepared for very patchy or even no coverage in some remote areas, but you can help yourself by doing your research first. Some of the things to check include:

  • Whether the provider offers network coverage in the area or areas that you are travelling to, as without this you will not be able to get online via your mobile broadband service
  • What the data roaming charges are – these can vary depending on where you are going and which provider you are with
  • What sort of data allowance you have, so you know how much you can use the internet whilst away. Also check on the options for topping up in case you use your allowance and need to get more

Bear in mind that in remote areas it is unlikely that you will have access to WiFi hotspots, which is why it is vital that you check on the coverage and charges from your mobile broadband provider.

Those travelling to less remote areas

For those people that are travelling to more popular areas such as cities and resorts the same considerations will apply when looking for mobile broadband, in that it is important to check the coverage levels, data roaming charges, and data allowance provided. However, it is worth remembering that in resorts and cities you are far more likely to have access to WiFi, which may be available in accommodations, public areas within the resort, and in eateries, bars, and cafes. This means that you may not need as much data allowance, and if coverage is patchy you may still be able to get online using WiFi that is available.

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