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Top 5 tips for finding a cheap long distance cruise

Top 5 tips for finding a cheap long distance cruise

A long distance cruise can be the perfect opportunity to get away for a little while and experience something completely new – and if you have always believed that cruising is an expensive type of holiday, you will be heartened to know that this doesn’t need to be the case.

By following five budget-friendly tips, you can get a great deal on a long-haul cruise with a reputable provider such as Royal Caribbean.

1) Compare your options

When you buy a new car or a piece of electronic equipment, it’s no secret that it can pay to shop around – and the same holds true when planning your next cruise. It is worth comparing the cost of your various options – different providers offer deals at certain times of year and as with traditional shopping, you can often find the best deals online.

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One of the best ways to quickly and easily weigh up your different holiday options is to use a cruise comparison site, which allows you to spot the best deals with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

2) The early bird catches the worm

As the old saying goes, when it comes to cruise holidays the early bird really does often catch the worm. Booking well in advance is a strategy that can save you a considerable sum of money – and also gives you plenty of time to save up to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

It’s also true that there are often great last minute deals available as departure dates draw closer, so if you are not fussy about when or where you travel, it is worth keeping an eye on these offers too. Saving money when you make your booking leaves you with more cash in your wallet to spend on your holiday when the time comes!

3) Choose your cabin carefully

Different cabins come with different prices – and if you really want to save some money, it’s worth considering where you will sleep on the ship. As a general rule, larger rooms with balconies and ocean views are the most expensive, while the interior rooms tend to be smaller and cheaper.

If you plan on only using your room for sleeping, showering and getting dressed, you may find that it is worth saving money with an inner cabin – after all, with so many attractions and activities to choose from, you’ll hardly even notice the smaller space.

4) All-inclusive often means savings

Many bargain-hunting travellers fall into the common trap of trying to save money by cutting out ‘extras’ like drinks and internet access, only to end up shelling out more overall to purchase these amenities as one-offs.

In many cases, the all-inclusive option is the more budget-friendly choice, even if it seems like you are paying more upfront. By knowing exactly how much you are spending and what is included, you won’t be caught out by any unexpected costs.

5) Travel at off-peak times

Travelling in peak season (Christmas and Easter break, as well as the school holidays) means that your cruise will be more expensive, so if you have some flexibility as to when you take your holiday, it’s worth waiting for off-peak times.

It is also wise to consider the peak and off-peak seasons in your destination. If you are travelling to Australia and New Zealand on a long-haul cruise, for example, peak season will be in the southern hemisphere summer – November through to February or March.

With careful thought and a bit of forward planning, you can create a cruise holiday to remember – even on a budget!