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Campervan Holidays in Australia

Campervan Holidays in Australia
Image by Christian Haugen

Travelling in a campervan in Australia with your family can be fun, especially if you rent or own a nice and comfortable vehicle where you can all sleep and enjoy the sights and the company. Australia has many attractive, touristy locations where you can go, most of them are located on the coasts where you can swim in the light blue waters of the coral ocean or dive in its reefs. A great trip to plan and take with your family during the summer is a trip from Port Douglas to Melbourne or vice versa.

Image by Christian Haugen

The distance between the two cities is roughly 1,474 miles. Most people enjoy the drive up the Sunshine Coast driving slowly and staying a couple of days in campervans along the way to rest and enjoy the ocean. There are many campervan parks along the way where you will find every commodity you need, running water, electricity, restaurants and even swimming pools to bathe in when you are tired of the ocean.

Port Douglas is a great place to visit, in fact it is unique in itself. Here you will come in contact with amazing ocean creatures which swim in the coral reefs and in the crystalline waters, huge white sand beaches where you can catch the rays or wander about. Four mile beach is another beautiful spot where you find small cafes and bars on the edge of the beach where you can enjoy an afternoon or lunchtime with your family and friends. When you grow tired of the beach the fun continues, it is time to move into the rain forest on a trip upriver to take a look at crocodiles and beautiful birds in their natural habitat. When travelling to Port Douglas, it is also an opportunity to visit Cairns, one of Australia’s major cities.

Mackay is another place you cannot miss on your way to Melbourne, it is another natural paradise besides the ocean. In Mackay it is possible for you to leave your campervan and take an overnight cruise out to the barrier reef, the most impressive and the largest coral reef in the world. It is totally unnecessary to mention the beauty you will see there and the great service cruise ships have on the way. Another option in Mackay is wild, unvisited, untamed rain forest. Here you have the chance to enjoy the animals and the plants in the forest from a different angle; you take a canopy ride and look at the forest from above.

Brisbane is another possible stop on your way; it is a vibrant city that prides itself for its restaurants and entertainment industry. Shows and musical events are a permanent occurrence in Brisbane where the people are friendly and enjoy tourists and their visits. Brisbane has something for everyone in the family, great historical buildings to visit, amusement parks, wild life reservations and picnic parks, the shopping district is also a place to visit and spend the day in.

Other possible places where you and your family can spend a couple of days visiting landmarks and zoos, or just having a good time at the beach or other resorts are Port Macquarie and finally Sydney. Australia has many places which you and your family will enjoy visiting, taking time off to enjoy them together is great opportunity you should not miss. It is important that before you leave your home all the plans and projections are in place. Make reservations ahead of time, check the news so you know if there are any climatic changes, check your campervan to make sure the motor, tires and everything else is in working order and finally get everybody inside and hit the road.

Emma is an experienced travel writer and contributes to a number of online travel blogs on a regular basis. She recommends that you take the time to enjoy a little luxury even when on a campervan holiday. It can give you a good chance to unwind, particularly if you are travelling with the family. If you are travelling to Port Douglas, she recommends you stop overnight in one of the many cheap Cairns hotels that are available. If need be, get separate rooms to the kids, just to give everyone some alone time.