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    Busting 10 Myths about Mediterranean Cruises

    Too expensive
    One of the great misconceptions about cruises is they are out of the price range of the average holidaymaker. This simply is not the case. Yes, it’s definitely not a bargain break, but consider the fact that all meals are inclusive, as well as top live entertainment, five-star living accommodation, first class kids’ clubs, luxurious pools, films, talks… The list is endless.

    Mediterranean Cruise 203
    Myths about Mediterranean Cruises

    Not for kids
    Some people suggest children are not welcome on ships and that Mediterranean cruises and little people don’t mix. Wrong! There are certain cruises which are for over-18s only, but the vast majority actively welcome younger passengers. Kids are lavishly catered for, with their own foods and dedicated entertainment.

    An 8-Year Old's Paradise at Sea
    Cruise for KidsScott Ableman / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

    OAPs only
    There’s another common idea that cruises are for sedate over-60s only. Now, don’t get me wrong, mature passengers are hugely welcome, with everything laid on, but by no stretch of the imagination are they the only people you’ll find on board. Check out the passenger list of a typical journey taken by Royal Caribbean Cruises and you’ll find a cross section of ages having a majestic time together.

    Celebrity Solstice
    Royal Caribbean CruisesTom Mascardo 1 / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

    Trapped on board
    I’ve met the odd person who says a cruise would be claustrophobic because you can’t get off the boat; this is baloney! They obviously have never been on board a cruise ship with its beautiful wide open spaces and seemingly endless variety of rooms. You could go on a year’s cruise and not get to every spot on board – another myth to dump in the rejects bin!

    Forced formality
    Don’t fancy being dressed up to the nines 24/7? No worries! There are ample opportunities to wear your finery on board, but smart casual is the watchword for most of the time, and there are no stuffed shirts on board – unless you count the after-buffet waistlines!

    Participation a must
    Another myth – you’ll be forced into a whole range of activities you don’t want to do. Not true at all. Passengers do what they want, when they want, and with whomever they want. There are no cruise police forcing you to wear a funny hat or dance a silly dance – unless you want to of course!

    You’re flying solo? Won’t fit in? Not a bit of it, my friend, single passengers are always welcome, and intelligent planning puts them together at mealtimes with other single voyagers – if, of course, that’s what you want. And with so much to do, day and night, you will never feel alone.

    Seasickness blues
    Modern ships, with ultra-sophisticated balancing techniques, mean you’ll hardly know you’re at sea, except for the magnificent views, that is!

    No time to see

    Cruises just pass through, and you don’t get to experience anything but the quayside, right? Wrong again! Trips are expertly planned to enable you to experience a real taste of each resort.

    Not for you
    Myth 10 – cruises are not for you? See parts one to nine to realise how wrong you are! Bon voyage!

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