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    Business Trip to New York

    Business Trip to New York
    Business Trip to New York

    Flights to New York are the starting point of a business trip to the city.  However, New York flights are just the start of the transportation concerns when it comes to the practicalities of getting around to do business in New York.

    Flights to New York will typically land at JFK, LaGuardia or Newark Liberty International Airport.  At the airports there are many trains, buses and taxis that are available to transport visitors into the city or to a nearby hotel.  Knowledge of these public transportation options will become crucial if you are staying in New York City for any length of time.  The subway and cabs are the way that residents of the city typically get around in New York.

    Learning to navigate these different transportation options can be a challenge, so it is important to do some research before arriving.  For example, knowing which subway lines will get you from a hotel to an office building can be very important.  It would not be advisable to try to navigate the subway “cold” on the day when it is needed.  If in doubt, take a cab.

    Another option is renting a car.  However, this is not regarded as the best way to get around the city.  Parking can be expensive, as can renting the vehicle itself.  A taxicab is really a better option.  The cab drivers know their way around the city and can get to whichever part of it the traveller needs to reach.

    Another major concern is of course your dining arrangements. The city has no shortage of amazing restaurants available.  Of course, there are plenty of pizza parlours, hot dog stands and other outlets for typical American food.  However, if your tastes in food are a bit more demanding, the city also has many ethnic and high-end restaurants.  Everything from sushi to Indian food to steakhouses and vegan restaurants are available in the city.  However, eating away from your hotel can be expensive, so business travellers should plan accordingly for those costs.

    Good accommodation is of course another necessity during a business trip to New York.  Individuals with a limited budget may need to stay outside the city and commute in each day.  Hotels in neighbouring New Jersey, located right across the water, will typically be significantly cheaper than hotels in the city itself.  New Jersey has easy access to New York via trains, buses and other public transportation.  Hotels within the city will often be located in midtown, near the centre of the city.  Many excellent hotels surround the Javits Center, a large convention hall.

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