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    Bushfire Safety

     Australia is prone to bushfires so it is important that you are aware of how to prevent bushfires and be prepared in case of emergency.


    Bushfires are very common in Australia. This is for many reasons including the hot, dry climate and also due to the fact that Australia sometimes experiences droughts. Because bushfires are so common it is important that everyone is prepared through understanding why they happen and what can be done to prevent them.

    What is a Bushfire?

    There are two kinds of bushfires, bushfires and grassfires.

    • Bushfires are a slower moving fire that generates a lot of heat. Bushfires will pass through an area quickly but because of high temperatures they can smoulder for days.
    • Grassfires on the other hand pass very quickly, and do not smoulder for any longer than a few minutes.

    Both bushfires and grassfires can cause extreme damage to crops, livestock, farming infrastructures, buildings and keen even claim lives.

    What Causes a Bushfire?

    In order for a bushfire to occur there needs to be fuel, oxygen and an ignition source. Bushfires normally occur for one of two reasons, either human activity or lightning.
    Any bushfire that is created from human activity will occur either by accident or be started deliberately. Unfortunately arson means that sometimes bushfires are started intentionally. Other times people may start a fire for beneficial reasons in what is considered a controlled environment. Factors such as weather, wind conditions and drought can cause a fire to spread uncontrollably, making it extremely dangerous even in controlled conditions.

    Bushfire Safety

    Here are some things to remember to help ensure that you prevent causing a bushfire.

    • If you are dealing with fire near bush you MUST be extremely careful at all times.
    • A cigarette or match that has been lit has the potential to create a bushfire if it has not been put out properly.
    • Items such as bottles or mirrors can create a flame in the sun and that can cause devastating fires.
    • When camping make sure you never leave fires or flames unattended.

    By keeping these things in mind at all times you can help prevent unintentionally beginning a fire.


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