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Broadway NYC

Broadway NYC

For one of world known avenues a simple name with a clear origin, Browadway in New York City is a large avenue, a road running South/North direction and all along Manhattan and entering the Bronx.

Broadway NYC

Such a large and important avenue in NYC has given its name to the Theater district of NYC, Manhattan and nowaday it is more common to think about theaters and performances when hearing the name Broadway than thinking about directions.

The Broadway Theatre at 1681 Broadway is probably the more famous of the many thaters in this midtown-Manhattan disctrict.

The thater district is an attraction for tourists, with some of them even travelling to NYC with the primary purpose of watching a performance, and in such a way an industry well related to tourism.

Accommodated in discount hotels in New York City close to Broadway or on the avenue itself, tourists are the main buyers of theater tickets.

So which type of shows are taking place in this prominent theater district close to Times Square.

Currently performing at Broadway Theater is “Promises, Promises”, a musical based on “The Apartment” film (1960).

Another famous theater is the Wintergarden Theater at 1634 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, here they are performing another musical, based on the Sweedish group ABBA’s songs and music, and telling about a single mother coping with her young daughter’s marriage on a Greek isle.

A trip just for watching a performance can be made thanks to affordable discount hotels in the area and with proper planning a low cost trip can be arranged.

For more info on the much greater number of theaters and plays it is advisable to search for programs on the net.