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Book last minute to get the best holiday deal


I have been holidaying for many years now and the best way to grab a bargain is to book your holiday at the last minute.holiday deal Late deals are the way to go to get that half price holiday bargain. Travel agents have to slash the prices of holidays the nearer they get to departure, if they do not sell them they will just expire. Its better for them to get something for them instead of nothing at all. You can even try to haggle the price down even further if there is just a day or so left until departure. Make the travel agent an offer and you may be surprised at what they are prepared to accept, especially if you are buying your travel insurance through them, as they can make a nice commission on travel insurance. They may sell you the holiday at cost if they know they can make 50% on the travel insurance you take out. But be aware last minute holidays are in short supply, so you have to search pretty hard to get that holiday bargain. But I think its all the more satisfying if you have to do a little work for it.