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    Blue Flag Seaside Swimming Spots in Europe

    The so-called best beaches for vacationing in Europe with picture-perfect breath-taking views are ideal for families with children. These are situated all around the European continent. A large number of the most visited resorts have been accorded with the blue flag label.

    The blue flag refers to an ecological-friendly certification which is vested mostly on those known as the top beaches for vacationing in Europe. The certification is awarded to beaches or marinas that meet the strict environmental standards of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

    The FEE accredited beaches, including the ideal beaches for vacationing in Europe, have totaled to more than 3,450 coastal getaways including recreational boating services in 41 countries sweeping Europe and territories across the globe. Among the blue flag seaside swimming spots in Europe are the following:

    Formentera Beach in Spain – It has a very unique landscape that is distinct from other seaside spots in any part of the world. The water is blue, clean and cool. The place is an ideal swimming ground for children because of its long and even coastline.

    Formentera Beach in Spain
    Image by André Pipa (http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrepipa/)

    Red Beach in Greece – The name is derived from the natural “red-rock” structure of the Island of Santorini’s inactive volcano. Being one of the blue flag recreational swimming spots in Greece, the Red Beach is also among those included in the list of the best beaches for vacationing in Europe category.

    Red Beach in Greece
    Image by dvq (http://www.flickr.com/photos/7221644@N03/)

    Porthcurno Beach in UK – Speaking of the ideal beaches to visit during your European stay, Cornwall offers myriads of child-friendly seaside activity areas. Porthcurno Beach is situated in Cornwall, UK. Vacationers enjoy the fine sands on the beach and the wide span of the shoreline of one of the blue flag seaside swimming spots in Europe.

    Porthcurno Beach
    Image by scottishtom (http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweenster/)

    Isola del Giglio  – Italy’s list of the best beaches for vacationing in Europe places at rank number one Isola de Giglio located at Grosseto of Tuscany Region. It is characterized by its eye-catching view and splendid seaside bathing area. The sight is one of a kind and truly unique.

    Isola del Giglio
    Image by maicos25 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/meteozola/)

    Praia da Falesia – This coastal hideaway is one of the most favorite places frequented by foreigners and tourists. The beach is defined by its golden sandy beach which is one of the lengthiest stretches in Portugal. Aside from its panoramic view and rugged terrain that has stayed untouched since the beginning of time, the water is cool and clean which has made Praia da Falesia of Vilamoura, Portugal as of the top beaches for vacationing in Europe.

    Praia da Falesia
    Image by frankfranck (http://www.flickr.com/photos/frafra/)

    A country that has been included in the top beaches for vacationing in Europe listing enjoys the benefits of a high rise in its tourism industry. In almost all parts of the hemispheres, the coasts with well-designed cottages and sophisticated amenities are considered favorable to visiting foreigners.

    For your next European seaside destination, you can make a reservation at one of these blue flag seaside swimming spots in Europe which also happens to make the list of the best beaches for vacationing in Europe.

    This ia a guest post contributed by Haliyma, a freelance blogger based in New York. Haliyma regularly contributes travel guide articles such as places to stay in NYC.


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