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    Best White Water Rafting Destinations in the US

    Image by lok_lok05

    While water rafting has been popular in some circles for many years, many people have never tried it, and don’t know where to begin. Businesses are even using white water rafting as a team building exercise. Here, we’ll explore some of the best locations for white water rafting, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

    1. Colorado River

    The Colorado River offers some of the best white water rafting experiences in the United States. Two areas of the river are particularly good for rafting. In Arizona, you can raft near the Grand Canyon, and you can view the ancient ruins that are present during the rafting events. In Colorado, the river takes its passengers through the Moab desert. There are over 60 rapids from which to choose. Many of these rapids take clients through Desolation Canyon, which is deeper than the Grand Canyon.

    2. Glacier National Park in Montana

    In this destination, visitors may actually arrange a half day to three day rafting trip. The Montana Raft Company schedules the trips. The picturesque mountain backdrop is truly breathtaking.

    3. Arkansas River, Colorado

    The Arkansas River in Colorado is also known for some of the best rapids in the US. As the snow caps melt and stream down the Rocky Mountains annually, the Arkansas River is fueled and primed for the ultimate white water rafting experience. Many white water rafters enjoy Browns Canyon and the Royal Gorge.

    4. Penobscot River in Maine

    Penobscot River is known for its tremendous drops and huge waves. Many liken the experience to a roller coaster. The mountainous backdrop makes the destination beautiful for white water rafters. This is one of the rare locations in the East that is coveted by white water rafters.

    5. Chattooga River in Georgia

    If you are visiting the South, Chattoga River is an exciting place to white water raft and enjoy the East Tennessee Mountains. This location enjoyed a surge of popularity during the 1996 Olympics when many people flocked to this location to enjoy its beauty and the sport.

    Beginner’s White Water Rafting

    There are a couple of places that experts particularly recommend for beginning rafters. This will allow beginners and families to become acclimated to the sport before actually braving some of the more challenging rapids. Some of the best beginner’s rapids are located in the East and Midwest.

    Lehigh River is located in Lehigh Gorge State Park. This particular white water rafting experience is located in the Pocono Mountains. The river is calm and perfect for the beginner.

    Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers in Wisconsin are some of the best white water rafting rivers where beginners may get the hang of the sport before braving the more difficult rapids. If you are in the Midwest, consider this as your introduction to the sport.

    Expert’s White Water Rafting

    Masters of white water rafting prefer the thrill seeking ride of the Gauley River in West Virginia. This location has numerous steep drops, big waves and huge holes that only experts have successfully navigated. For a truly exhilarating rafting experience, the Gauley River is the best choice.

    Heather Johnson writes for HoneymoonDestinations.org, the best honeymoon research and planning website. Discover some great honeymoon ideas today!

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