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    Best Things to do in New York City

    New York City, undeniably one of the most exciting places in the world, offers an immensely broad spectrum of entertainment for its visitors. Options available include widely divergent activities, such as sporting events, historical exhibitions in world-famous museums and glamorous fashion shows alongside some of the biggest names in the business.

    Cultural entertainment involves art, music and theater choices to suit every taste and preference. When planning your trip, look for New York City hotels in close proximity to the events you are interested in. A conveniently located hotel can cut transportation costs and make your trip more enjoyable.

    One of the first activities that visitors put on their itineraries are tours of the city. Most people are familiar with general tours that provide sightseers with an overview of popular attractions; however, very specific tours are also available for fascinating views of much smaller areas. Savor the sights related to different ethnic communities within this vast urban area along tours of Little Ireland, Chinatown and Little Italy. A stay in the hotels of these neighborhoods can add flavor and color to your visit. For example, a hotel in Little Italy will likely provide authentic Italian cuisine.

    In addition to tours of ethnic regions, New York provides tours of areas showcasing different types of architecture. Admire the Victorian splendor of Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill neighborhoods or get a glimpse of the bygone era during a tour of historic pubs of Greenwich Village. If you want to concentrate on one of these areas, ask your travel agent to locate hotels in New York in the specific area you wish to fully explore.

    Another entertainment area on most visitors’ must-see list is the theater district. A trip to NYC would be lacking without making time for an on or off-Broadway show. Selections are wide-ranging and include musicals and historical plays, as well as comedies and fun, kooky productions.

    Music lovers from all over have a ton of choices to pick from in New York City. Classical music enthusiasts can revel in symphony and orchestra concerts or attend performances featuring young musical prodigies. Some eateries offer music with a meal. Visitors who grew up in the 1960s can enjoy Beatles music while enjoying a Saturday afternoon brunch, and jazz lovers can catch a live concert while eating a steak dinner. With hundreds of venues throughout the city, you can also get a taste of Gospel music, as well as rock and rap.

    Visitors interested in art and history have the opportunity to stroll through museums and art galleries placed all over the city. The Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts two million works, representing every segment in history over a 5000-year span. Another notable spot is The American Museum of Natural History, a science and research institution. Frank Lloyd Wright is responsible for the unusual design of the Guggenheim Museum, which houses works of famous artists from the 19th and 20th centuries, such as Van Gogh and Picasso. Expect to stay at least half a day in some of these museums to get the full benefit. If you are a museum buff, you can look for New York City hotels close to the museums you particularly want to see.

    TV Show Tapings
    A popular tourist interest in the Big Apple is to attend live tapings of television shows. Across America, many people start their daily routine by eating breakfast while watching one of the early morning network programs. Attending these productions is exciting and high-energy with the promise of getting up-close and personal with news anchors and celebrity guests. In addition to the early morning shows, you can also attend one of the late-night comedy program tapings.

    Sports fans will be right in their element, having many events to select from in the city that never sleeps. No matter what time of the year you visit the city, you can catch a professional sports game, as New York has a team for every sport. You are sure to find New York hotels close to the famous sporting venues with no problem. Attending an event in a world-renowned sporting venue might even be the whole purpose behind your trip and many hotels provide concierge services to help you get tickets. Aside from the thrill of attending a game at Yankee Stadium or Madison Square Garden, you also have the opportunity to participate in sports here.

    Entertainment in New York is extremely varied and seemingly unlimited. Whether you are a history buff, sports fanatic, enjoy culture and the arts or all of the above, there are plentiful offerings to enjoy. So next time you visit NYC, be sure to take full advantage of everything this wonderful city has to offer.

    This guest post article was written and provided by Charles Watkins who is a freelance writer, full time father and enjoys writing about his travel experiences.

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