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    Galapagos Island Tours – Volcanic Sight & Unique Wildlife

    What to see in Galapagos island tours are famous volcanic sight, animals i.e. frigate birds, marine iguanas, footed boobies, and the Charles Darwin Research Station.

    Galapagos island tours Galapagos Island is famous for its unique wildlife and this island is very popular thanks to Charles Darwin that introduced the theory of evolution, which was said inspired by this very island. That is why many people want to visit and take the Galapagos island tours to see the island with their own eyes. There are many sites to visit in this island and it is controlled by the government to ensure that the fragile ecosystem is not disturbed. That is why; every tour will be accompanied by a park certified naturalist guide.

    There are 13 big islands and six smaller islands that form the Galapagos Islands. Each has a distinctive sight that surely people don’t want to miss out. The first one is San Cristobal Island where the capital city of Galapagos located. In this island people can take a good look of the famous volcanic sight, Kicker Rock, and also watching all kind of animals such as frigate birds, marine iguanas, blue and red footed boobies and others. Next Island that people who take Galapagos island tours must visit is Santa Cruz Island, which is the home to the Charles Darwin Research Station and Galapagos National Park. Take a visit to the Pit Craters to watch the bird and incredible flora in the highlands.

    What else to see in Galapagos island tours? When people visiting Isabela Island, they can take some time to enjoy dark volcanic beach sand in Urbina Bay and take a look of some lagoon birds including seasonal Galapagos flamingos. There are other island to visit such as Fernandina Island, Floreana Island, Baltra Island, Genovesa Island, Rabida Island, North Seymour, Espanola Island and Santiago Island. Don’t forget that the water surrounding this islands is also known as the best diving place in the world, so make sure to take time to go on for some scuba diving.

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