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Best Scuba Diving Site to Try On


Professional diver must be familiar with Yongala Wreck in Australia, the best scuba diving sites, with many fish varieties i.e. Bull Shark, Barracudas & Sea Snakes.

best scuba diving Scuba diving is one of a very popular water recreational sport. There are more and more people who enjoy this activity and fear not because our world has so many diving spots that perhaps it will take years before people able to try them all. To make it easier especially for beginner divers to choose, there are several spots that most divers considered as the best scuba diving spot, although it may vary from one diver to another due to their personal preference. There are many factors that mattered to make this kind of list and usually it was affected by the beauty of the site, fish life, visibility and other additional factor.

Any professional diver must be familiar with SS Yongala Wreck in Australia. This is one of the best scuba diving sites that every diver must try. The wreck now acts as the home for so many fish varieties including Sea Snakes, Barracudas and even the rare Bull Shark. Next on the list is Puerto Galera in Philippines. This is a favorite place for many underwater photographers because it has outstanding coral reefs along with rich marine life. For those who have the opportunity to visit The Utila Island in Honduras could go and check on some of the most popular dive sites in there, including Spotted Bay, Black Hills, Great Wall, and West End.

Now let’s move to Asia. One of the most popular and also best scuba diving sites in there was located in Sipadan Island, Malaysia. This is a famous dive location especially in Barracuda Point where divers could watch thousands of Barracudas swim by underwater, marking it as the best spot for any underwater photographer. Next is the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia where there are different sites to dive on including Cod Hole with its clear visibility and also various marine life such as Napoleon fishes and Potato Groupers that can be easily seen.