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    Best Holiday Destinations for People with Children

    Traveling with children for a vacation can sometimes be harder than we anticipated. Parents can sometimes feel hardpressed to find a destination that will really allow the children to enjoy themselves, and for them, the parents, to also get in on the fun. Some places are more kid-friendly than others, but some are downright delightful — they not only allow children, but welcome them.

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    Holiday Destinations for People with ChildrenStuck in Customs / Kids Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

    Here are some of the best holiday destinations to choose that will ensure everyone has a great time on your vacation.

    1. Japan – The City of Bright Lights

    This is a destination that can make children of all ages go wild with excitement. From a long weekend in the playground where all things are high tech and high kitsch, to the Hello Kitty goodies of all descriptions, and the delightful Dragonball, the kids will never tire. The good thing about Japan as a child-friendly destination is that it caters to children of varying ages. The older siblings will no doubt be enthused by the cosplayers, which are teenagers from Tokyo who through some hard creative effort, outfit themselves like their favorite manga characters. For those children who are enthused with Hello Kitty, they can visit her home at Sanrio Puroland and simply enjoy the weird and wonderful feeling. Parents may even find themselves delighting in the fun and excitement the various attractions generate. The family can then go on to Tokyo Tower’s Special Observatory where (on a clear day) they can take in the view that spans all the way to Mt. Fuji.

    2. Fiji – The land of the child-friendly

    Indeed the land of the child-friendly, Fiji Islands Resort is the ideal destination for parents who are keen on packing in as much rest and relaxation as possible even with the kids around. Parents can leave their children in the capable hands of the dedicated nanny knowing that each child has their own nanny. While the kids frolic and play, the parents can rejuvenate. Fiji – the irresistibly beautiful green archipelago contentedly afloat in the South Pacific – where the entire family can enjoy the services of the ultraluxe resorts. Fijians are known to be a people who are incredibly child-friendly so parents know their little ones will be just as pampered (if not more) than they are.

    The tropical paradise with its beautiful beaches and palm trees is always awaiting families and welcomes them with open arms.

    3. African Safaris – For the Animal Lover Child

    Africa is the land of animals for the child who loves animals. South Africa is alive and bustling with life in the animal kingdom and is a haven for children who are fascinated by animals and just cannot get enough of Lion King. The attractions are most ideal for children 10 years and older and grown-ups. From the safaris, to the savannahs, the mountains and the jungles, the family would be walking the land from which the inspiration sprang for the tall tales and legendary adventures we know oh so well. A trip on safari is one that no child will ever forget. The sense of awe, wonder and appreciation they feel will leave them in love with nature and the environment for a long time to come – if not for life.

    The family can enjoy two of South Africa’s most spectacular wildlife parks, Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Kruger National Park. Aside from the park there is the delightful city of Cape Town and its surroundings. The location of the attractions and their accessibility makes them ideal for family adventures.

    4. Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida

    The ever popular Disney parks, Sea World and Universal Studios can never be left off a list dedicated to fun places for kids. Always appealing to the big kids (parents) and the little kids, these attractions never fail to deliver joy and excitement, bringing out the kid in everyone. It is no wonder it can never be described as just a place for the kids because once there, everyone seem to become a kid again, making it a definite on any top family fun vacation list.

    Orlando is also home to a host of other attractions, and is great for going shopping as well as those much loved beach trips.

    5. France

    Whatever the family considers a perfect holiday can be found in France. From camping, to combing a big city or frolicking in the sea, the family will definitely find something that suits their taste. Children can even go and have some great fun with Mickey Mouse and friends at Disneyland Paris. There are many other activities for the entire family to enjoy, from journeys down the path of history at a chateau, to spending time with the animals at the zoo or an aquarium, or just going off to the beach to splash and have some fun. With its abundance of kid-friendly activities, France is definitely a family destination of choice.

    All these wonderful attractions are very popular among both parents and children. Parents get to do some self-pampering while the children have more than enough to keep them busy. When a destination offers a win-win situation for everyone in the family – you know it is a great place.

    Elizabeth Bailey is an avid blogger with a penchant for driving vacations. She enjoys sharing her tips and insights on various driving blogs. Visit Expedia.com.au Car Hire to find out more about saving money when on holiday.





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