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The Natural Beauty of Ioannina

Ioannina Greece
Ioannina Greece

A very beautiful city on the shores of delighting lake Pamvotis with a rich and interesting history is Ioannina. It is the biggest city of the Epirus region of Greece and the capital of the prefecture being the financial and literature center.

Ioannina’s beauty and warm atmosphere captivates many visitors each year. With each alley and square, each part of the city depicts its great tradition. It offers all of the advance facilities, comforts and services, innumerable historical monuments and museums, and amazing natural beauty of the landscapes, which guarantees a perfect vacation in the city. You can stroll and see the great collection of Byzantine, tour to the castle of Ioannina, the lake with the island, the cave, the old castle, and other special attractions.

Listed below are the special attractions of Ioannina. Never leave the town without visiting them!

Lake Pamvotis
This is the legendary lake of Ioannina where you can take a walk on the street and be filled with positive energy. Its splendid landscape and natural beauty will captivate you. Indeed in the middle of the lake you can see the picturesque island of Ioannina.

Pavlos Vrellis Museum
It is considered to be the biggest and most important museum of wax effigies in Greece and in the whole world! The impressive creation of the effigies depicts the history of Epirus and the entire Greece. This museum will certainly impress you so never forget to visit for no reason.

The Old Castle
This is one of the oldest castles, which is well preserved and adds a unique character to Ioannina. If you go to this place you will be left with a piece of experience that is worth living because you will see the old city of Ioannina, important museums, mosques, dungeons, fables and traditions of centuries

Perama Cave
Situated about 4km from the city is an extraordinary world and a different world full of pictures and mystery- The Perama Cave. The cave has an unusual atmosphere and is considered a natural miracle because of the stunning stalagmites and stalactites that are found inside.

There are so many wonderful places to see and visit in Ioannina and Epirus. You should consider staying for at least 4-5 days if you are planning to visit here so that you have the chance to explore and appreciate the vast beauty of the region. You can find affordable vacation rentals in Greece starting from $20-$30 per night. There is also an intense nightlife and superb traditional cuisine for the ones who enjoy a good party and good food. Likewise, there are also countless extreme sports in beautiful natural locations. It is a city that combines everything. The entire county is one of exceptional beauty, and its natural setting and landscape make it a very popular vacation destination all throughout the year. Ioannina is such a wonderful city worth visiting that you will never forget!