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    Be Safe! Beach Hazards In Florida

    Florida has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, and every year millions of people flock to the sunny state to catch a glimpse of the golden shores and crystal blue waters. Beaches offer the ultimate relaxation setting, and who doesn’t like to spend some time walking the coast, sand massaging their feet, sun warming their skin? Sadly however, there are a number of dangers on the beach too, and if you’re not careful, you or your loved ones could end up hurting themselves, and spoiling your holiday.

    The Worn Picket Fence
    Florida Beach HazardsStuck in Customs / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

    Let’s take a look at some of the beach hazards in Florida.

    The Extremely Cold Water

    When the body’s core temperature reaches 90 degrees, serious complications can occur. Survival time varies depending on the coldness of the water, and the lower the temperature, the less chance you have of staying alive. There are a variety of signs that can show you if someone if suffering from hypothermia, and if you’ve got young children then this could affect them when it comes to swimming at the beach.

    No matter how hot the sun is, temperatures in the sea can dive to icy limits, so always keep an eye on your kids when they’re playing in the water. When they come out to get dry, make sure you check for shivering, pale skin, slurred speech, mental confusion and enlarged pupils. They may not all be present at once, but that doesn’t mean your child might be suffering from hypothermia.

    Keep A Life Guard In Sight

    Thankfully, the beaches in Florida are manned with some of the best life guards in the world, however its best to reconsider if you plan on swimming out of their line of sight. In 1999, lifeguards all around America saved over 60,000 thousand lives, and less than 20 people have died in areas where life guards are stationed.

    If you’re going for a swim in Florida, always ask the lifeguard on duty what the weather conditions are like, and where is the best place to swim. If you don’t, you could be gambling with your life. If you’re taking a holiday to Florida with your children, why not get them some introductory swimming lessons before letting them loose in the shallow waters. Furthermore, always refrain from diving in the sea – you never know what rocks are lurking about just below the surface!

    Wear A Life Jacket!

    Whether you’re in a canoe, kayaking or taking a pedal boat out to sea, always make sure that you wear a life jacket. Sadly, there were over 655 boating fatalities in 1999, and all came as a result of not wearing a life jacket. Additionally, always partner up with something if you’re thinking of taking a trip out to see in a boat. Not only will you be able to tighten each other’s life jackets, but you can also share the workload or peddling back to the shore. In any case, wearing a life jacket will undoubtedly save your life, and don’t head out to sea without one.

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