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    Australian Outback Creatures to Look Out For

    Australia is an enormous country with a very small population compared to its size. Much of the land that is uninhabited includes long stretches of deserts that spread across most of the states in the country. When travelling through the outback you’ll witness impressive rock formations, a wide range of species of trees and plants and bodies of water you can dive into where numerous kinds of wildlife are bountiful.

    Australian Outback Creatures
    Australian Outback Creaturesdbking / Foter.com / CC BY

    While all of this seems like an explorer’s paradise, there are precautions to take when travelling through the outback and certain animals to avoid.


    Only found in the northern region of Australia, the saltwater crocodiles are the largest living species of reptile in the world and some can weigh up to roughly 1000 kilograms. While they spend a lot of their time in the sea, the saltwater crocodiles are so dangerous because they will also swim into fresh water rivers and swamps that humans may be around.

    Well known to attack humans, the crocodiles take numerous lives a year and the males in particular are aggressive to those species, including humans, which venture into its territory and will not hesitate to attack. While one of Australia’s most iconic species, they are also one to be very aware of should you be thinking of going swimming in the outback.

    Brown Snake

    Australia has such a wide variety of snakes that include 100 venomous species, and you should be wary of any snake you come across. 12 of the 100 venomous snakes in Australia are known to be extremely lethal should one bite you and one of these is the Brown Snake. Found largely in the northern regions, the Brown Snake is known by its brown colouring which covers all of its body.

    Living around the rivers, swamps, billabongs and lakes, the Brown Snakes venom is extremely lethal and should you be beaten in the outback by one then immediate medical intervention is vital for you to survive. Be sure to avoid one of these snakes should you come across one while exploring. Be sure to check out flight deals to Australia at cheapflights.com.au.

    Australian Outback Deserts

    The outback is an enormous part of the country and you can go for days without seeing another person. The vast desert areas can pose a large danger given that the remote towns in the outback are so far apart, meaning if you do get in trouble, then you may have quite a distance to go before you find any assistance.

    The deserts can become scorching hot during the summer time, and it’s not unusual for temperatures to rise above 100F, coupled with the fact that the climate itself its extremely dry. Heat stroke and dehydration are the most common afflictions in this environment if not enough water is consumed or accessible, and as such it is incredibly important that travellers through these parts of the country bring a large enough supply with them.

    Also to consider due to the fact that you may not see another human being for days in the outback is to bring a very reliable car as mechanical break downs can leave you stranded for days.

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