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    An Adventure Vacation in Beautiful Bali

    Image by John Yavuz Can

    Taking a vacation is not only about relaxation these days; its also about adventure.  For those who love to be outdoors and love to experience new things, Bali is definitely THE place to vacation.  Because of its tropical location just south of the equator, many people mistakenly assume that the island of Bali is all about the beaches.  In reality, Bali is all about culture and adventure!  Here, we’re going to look at just a couple of your options for adventure while in Bali.

    Hop on Board!

    If staying in or near Ubud, vacationers of all ages may take great delight in climbing atop a bountiful elephant and taking a ride!  Located in the popular Ubud area, the Elephant Safari Park in Taro is a well known adventure attraction for families.  All the elephants at the park were rescued from deforestation in Central & Southern Sumatra, which makes the park also a sanctuary of sorts.  Aside from riding the elephants at this park, visitors can also visit the on-site museum to see the Mammoth Skeleton in South East Asia.

    In and around Ubud, there are amazingly comfortable villas Bali is known for.  Vacationers who want to stick to this part of the island can easily find accommodations at any of the villas Bali has made so readily available for reasonable prices.  It often happens that people assume staying in a villa would be an expensive option.  However, villas Bali offers can be procured for about the same cost one would expect to pay at a luxury hotel.

    Get a Bird’s Eye View

    Seeing Bali from the sky is a far different experience than walking through bustling streets and cool jungles!  With a paragliding tour, travelers can take in the wonders of the island in a whole new way.  A paraglider is a non-motorized, foot-launched inflatable wing that is powered by the wind. Everything about paragliding is easy:  easy to launch and to land.

    In paragliding, a rider is suspended by sturdy Kevlar lines attached to the rip-nylon that constructs the wing.  Tours are available all over the island and are run only when winds are safe.  Riders are typically paired with an experienced pilot for paragliding tours. This way, the rider gets to enjoy their bird’s eye view of the island without having to undergo training, or worry about the technical aspects of the flight.  With an experienced pilot, you can simply spread your wings and fly over the beautiful landscape!

    Splish Splash

    No matter where your villas Bali is located, you can find fun and excited things to do all over the island.  In the Payangan area, travelers can take to the water of a remote canyon and float through white waters as they take in the tropical scenery.  Canyon tubing is fun for the whole family, and can be arranged based on the experience (and thrill-seeking) of each rider.

    Bali is all about experiencing the best of everything.  Even if you don’t fly over the island or coast down canyons, you will be thoroughly entertained by local artist performances, cultural centers  and gourmet dining.

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