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Amazing Family Vacation Destinations

Amazing Family Vacation Destinations
Image by GraceFamily (http://www.flickr.com/photos/gracefamily/)

Taking your family on a vacation is a sure way to strengthen the bond between you all. Laughter and fun should be part of every family routine. When you enjoy each other in a way that breaks down barriers between you, you learn more about your children, or your parents, and what makes them tick.

Family Vacation
Image by GraceFamily (http://www.flickr.com/photos/gracefamily/)

It used to be much more difficult to locate the kind of places that could make everyone in the family happy. That’s not quite as true as it was in past years. Family centric areas are starting to emerge more and more  often as the new vacation paradise.

Whether you’re into camping, luxury, water vacations, or the best in outdoor entertainment, from theme parks to national parks, you’ll find plenty of places to love in our offerings of the top family vacation areas in the United States.

Las Vegas Nevada-Believe it or not, Las Vegas has become one of the most family friendly places in the world. Between Circus Circus, and the hourly circus shows which are presented there are loved by kids of any age. Many of the hotels feature indoor gardens and waterfalls, while several also feature outdoor mini zoos for your family, set in tropical gardens. Just outside of Las Vegas you will find outstanding entertainment for those who love the hiking and biking and boating adventure vacation.

Las Vegas is a miracle of sights and sounds that are pleasing for kids, including an erupting volcano on the street and an Atlantis show comprised of moving animated statues inside one of the more popular hotels. Each of these shows is free of charge. While you may pay more for a hotel in Las Vegas, the entertainment is nearly always free.

Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful hiking and camping area, while Lake Meade national resort area brings you amazing scenery and vast waterways to traverse. Boats are available for rent in the area. The Hoover Dam is also in the immediate vicinity, while Las Vegas itself offers you wild west history at its best with the museums and historical buildings to be found outside the “strip” area.

The Atlantis Resort is another of the most beautiful and interesting family vacation areas. More than 800 million dollars went into the creation of this tribute to the lost city of Atlantis. The resort offers more than 20 thousand rooms for guests, as well as lagoons which are inhabited by stingrays and lionfish and other incredible sights.

If you’re all about the outdoor world, but you want some comfort as well, one of the most unique resorts in the world is where you should spend a family vacation. Takilma, Oregon is home to a veritable city in the trees. Treesort is one of the most unusual family vacations that  you will ever take. The resort is comprised of fourteen different enormous treehouses which sleep between two and  eight people in each one. There are ladders, suspension bridges, and even a fire pole as well as rope ladders to get you up and down from the amazing suites that are your place of residence in Treesort. The luxury suites offer a bathroom, a master bedroom, a top loft, and even a small kitchen for your use while you are staying in Treesort.

America has become a place which is recognizing the importance of family and what it takes to please everyone. Spend some time rediscovering American in one of these incredible family vacation areas… and while you’re at it, spend some time rediscovering each other.

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