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    A Good Taste Guide To The Best Restaurants In Connecticut

    The Best Restaurants In Connecticut
    The Best Restaurants In Connecticut

    If you are a fan of the many food and travel channels, then you know there are certain restaurants you must visit when you find yourself in a certain location. A fairly new show on TV is called The Best Thing I Ever Ate, where chefs from Food Network talk about some of their favorite dishes. Well after watching this show you wish you wrote down the names of the restaurants they mentioned during the episode.

    Well what if I told you I knew some of the chefs they recommended who created the dishes they claim were “the best thing they ever ate. A popular area for many of the restaurants that end up on this show are located between New York and Connecticut. So if you ever find yourself in Connecticut, then check out some of the restaurants below. I promise you it will be the “Best Think You Ever Ate!”

    Match a restaurant located in South Norwalk, CT puts an edgy turn on some common dishes you commonly order at your local restaurants. As a dinner for two start off with a Crab Doughnuts (interested in the recipe then visit www.matchsono.com. After you tease you mouth with such flavor indulge in the Handmade Luscious Ricotta Ravioli accompanied by some pouched lobster and crisp bacon. If you can spare some room, finish off the night with the doughnut muffin, a buttery mess covered in cinnamon sugar served with a side of gooey caramel.

    Interested in some South Norwalk history and some great food? There is this restaurant called Sono Brewhouse, yes they brew their very own beer, and they have the most delicious food. Aside from the great atmosphere here the menu is filled with great Starters and dinners that will keep you wanting more. Start the night off with some amazing buffalo style fried calamari and blue cheese. After you house that indulge in the parmesan encrusted chicken stuffed with fontinella cheese & spinach. And of course it wouldn’t be a trip to the brewery without some German pilsner.

    If your in the neighborhood of Westport, CT say between noon and 2pm you must stop by Da Pietro’s Restaurant for lunch. If your looking for the best thing you ever ate at lunch time, then you should try the Tortelloni con Formaggi dish. This meal consists of pasta filled with provolone and asiago cheese with grape tomatoes garlic, basil and olive oil. If your from a traditional Italian family, close your eyes and take in the aroma from this dish and it will set you back to some great times.

    If you are serious about your food, trying new things, carry a decent amount of money when going out to lunch, and looking for the ultimate food experience, may I recommend Jean-Louis located in Greenwich, CT. I may not understand what I am ordering, but trust me, the chef takes care of you!

    Hey Chocolate lovers in Connecticut, have I got the best place for you to visit, they are called Knipschildt Chocolatier and they make the best artisan chocolates on the east coast. There are to many amazing flavors here to name just one so if you are in the area, this is a must visit! These chocolates are not only a flavor festival but they look amazing as well. Experience some amazing deserts.

    I promise you, if you have the opportunity to visit any one of these restaurants, you will experience the best thing you ever ate. If you love the food so much, every chef that cooks for these restaurants teaches cooking classes in CT. That’s right, you can get the recipe to your new favorite dishes and learn how to cook them!

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