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    6 Tips for Beach Travel

    Tips for Beach Travel
    Tips for Beach Travel

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    Going to the beach can be a fun and exciting experience for people of all ages, especially if you’ve been land-locked your entire life and have never felt the sweet sensation of warm waves rolling over your body on a swelteringly hot summer day. A trip to the beach can be fun for the whole family, but there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind in order to maximize your fun and stay safe.

    1) Pick the right beach

    If you’re looking for a beach destination for your next vacation, make sure you pick a beach that fits your personality. The north Atlantic coastline is picturesque, but won’t be as warm as beaches in the Florida Keys. Likewise, beaches along the southern California coast are popular destinations that will probably be packed with people and businesses; however, Hawaii offers a number of secluded beaches that are off the beaten path.

    2) Check the weather

    Before you head out, make sure you check the weather so you’ll know what to bring and what type of weather to be prepared for.

    3) Cover up

    It can be tempting to wear your swimsuit all day at the beach, especially if you’ve never been to a great beach before. But you won’t know that you’re badly sunburned until it’s too late. Wear your swimsuit for swimming, but make sure you can cover up when not in the water and wear sunscreen as much as possible.

    4) Stay hydrated

    Being in the sun all day can be draining, so make sure you bring plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. You may prefer to drink a nice cold soda, but the sodium can dehydrate you if you are not careful. Just make sure that you are drinking plenty of water along with any other beverages.

    5) Plan meals

    Depending on where you go, there may or may not be restaurants or stores nearby where you can purchase food. Check ahead of time to see if you will need to bring a cooler full of snacks and meals. Maybe you can even bring a hibachi grill and have a fun beach cookout at the end of your day of fun in the sun.

    6) Leave it clean

    When you leave the beach, make sure you clean up any trash in your area and leave the beach the way you found it. It’s important to maintain our beaches so that future generations can enjoy them as much as we have.

    About the author: Diane Johnson graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in political science. When she’s not traveling she enjoys writing articles about Rasmussen College Online, reading books and shopping.

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