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6 Reasons Why Sydney Is More Than A City Holiday Destination

6 Reasons Why Sydney Is More Than A City Holiday Destination

When we think about Sydney, we think about the Opera House, Sydney Harbour, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, probably including Bondi Beach. Sydney is more than just that. Sydney is more than just a city and there is a huge range of activities, like going on a blue mountains tour, that will take up many days of your schedule if you are to get a feel for the place. Lets look at some of the must-do things when visiting Sydney.

  • Blue Mountains. As mentioned just above, the Blue Mountains will take the greater part of a day’s tour. Starting early and heading up to the mountains and experiencing the size and beauty. Unless you have been you will really not appreciate how stunning and beautiful they are.
  • Manly and other beaches. Bondi is only one of the famous beaches of Sydney. They are many and actually spread all the way up north and down south along the coast. You might be surprised at some of the amazing hidden rivers and estuaries with great spots for jumping off into deep lagoons. Excellent for romantic days hidden away.
  • Canberra. Despite popular international belief, Sydney is not the capital of Australia. The truth is that many Australians have never visited their own capital. It is possible to go on a thought provoking and interesting history lesson to the capital territory and city of Australia, Canberra. A memorable and educational way to spend a day.
  • Wineries. What visit to any part of Australia would be complete without a visit to its amazing wineries. Sydney is no different. A perfect choice for a day tour, as you don’t have to worry and think about drinking and driving. The historic Hunter Valley is dotted with world renowned wine makers and there is not much better than spending the day tasting some of the best wines in the world.
  • Marine life. Australia is famous for its wildlife, why not see what the oceans have to offer. Not far out from Sydney there is ample opportunity to see Dolphins and other marine life in their natural habitat behaving foolishly. There are a range of excellent tours and very well equipped luxury boats and ships of the ocean to take on a day of adventure and education.
  • Sporting events and more. If you do a little planning ahead you can join in some of Australia’s unique sporting events. Sydney was home to the 2000 Olympics and has all the sporting facilities you would expect. The legacy of this is a huge number of world class sporting and entertainment events around and just outside the city. Make sure you are aware of them and catch some of the real Australia while you have the chance.


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