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6 hidden locations to visit in the U.S.A

6 hidden locations to visit in the U.S.A

When it comes to choosing a vacation spot, it is sometimes necessary to shun the obvious urban cities and resorts. Searching for hidden holiday gems amongst the mountains, hills, bayous, bays and islands can yield delightful results.

Waipio, Hawaii
Waipio, HawaiiPunchup / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Here’s our list of hidden locations in the USA that provide a perfect escape. Remember that if you are travelling to the USA from certain countries, including the UK, you may need to apply for an Esta Visa Waiver. You can find out more about Esta Visas at www.estafasttrack.org.uk

  1. Waipio, Hawaii.

Hidden away near the northern tip of Big Island, this forgotten paradise was once home to Hawaiian royalty. Waipio Valley, also known as the Valley of Kings, is surrounded by soaring cliffs on all sides. Once an important centre for religious and political life on the Island, it is now home to less than 100 residents.

You can get a view of the valley from the Waipio Valley Outlook or you can make your way to the valley floor to enjoy the black sandy beach and the Hi’ilawe Falls. This little corner of Hawaii is a perfect place for a quiet visit.

  1. Bath, North Carolina.

Steeped in rich history, this sleepy village has remained largely unchanged since its colonial origins. Dating back to 1706, Bath is North Carolina’s oldest town. You will enjoy the peaceful air, colonial architecture and historic feel of this town. Grab a bite to eat on one of the restaurants and listen to fascinating tales of pirates who roamed this land or simply sit back and watch sailboats bobbing silently on the creek.

Attractions in this small town include boating, fishing, the historic Palmer-Marsh House and the Banner House.

  1. Mackinac Island, Michigan.

This diminutive Island, edged by Lakes Michigan and Huron, offers a wonderful getaway location where you can relieve the simple pleasures of life. The Island has a no-car policy so you can only get around on foot or horseback, on a bike or by means of a horse-drawn carriage.

Here you can hike through wooded trails, enjoy breathtaking coastal views or go on a carriage tour of the town. This small Island is sure to charm you into making a repeat visit.

  1. Morgan City, Louisiana.

Spend your vacation in this corner of Cajun Country famed for the Mardi Gras Festival, gumbo, jazz and rumours of voodoo. Morgan City is located in the middle of the Atchafalaya River delta and plays host to the annual Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival on Labor Day weekend. This leads to three days filled with music and deep fried foods.

Give yourself time to unwind by strolling through the scenic downtown area, enjoy the sunset from the Allen Truss Bridge or just laze around in Lawrence Park and let the southern charm of this town soothe you.

  1. Solomon’s Island, Maryland.

This quiet waterfront fishing village sits at the tip of one of Chesapeake Bay’s peninsulas. Life here flows at a slow and relaxing pace with the locals fishing or sailing all year round. Whether you choose to stroll on the river walk, explore the lighthouse at Calvert Marine Museum or charter a boat for the day, a visit to this small village is bound to leave you refreshed.

  1. Guffey, Colorado.

Situated west of Pike Peak, this small, friendly mountain town is the right location for a lost weekend. Accommodation comes in the form of restored rustic cabins that date back to the 1800s. Alternatively, you can choose to camp out under the stars or make use of the available RV parking.

Take in the cool Colorado mountain air while strolling round the town. The buildings are a mix of the Wild West era and architecture from the 60’s. Once you have had your fill, you can easily drive to any of Colorado’s numerous attractions.

Destinations that are located away from popular tourist circuits are perfect if you are searching for a quiet spot free of crowds. They are the ideal locations to get some much needed rest and relaxation.