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4 Vacation Options as Individual as You Are

4 Vacation Options as Individual as You Are
Vacation Options
Vacation Options
Vacation Options

Although vacations can be a welcome break from work and everyday life, they do often have the tendency to be repetitive.


A beach vacation with sun, sea and sand is all well and good if you have a young family to please, but what if you want a vacation experience with a difference?

Luckily there are a number of different options for those who wish to experience a holiday that is slightly more left-field than traditional trips.

  1. Using a holiday house. One way to take a holiday that is different than the norm is by staying in vacation rentals. This allows you to get the feel of living in an area that you perhaps might not have seen, as well as providing you with a change of scene and pace. Who knows — you may even love an area so much after staying in a vacation rental that you choose to move there!
  2. Hiking in areas of outstanding natural beauty. As well as being a great way to get exercise, going on a hiking vacation is a great way to see unique parts of the world. Many specialist holiday companies put on hiking trips to out of the way areas like Machu Picchu or other parts of the Peruvian Inca trails — a fascinating way to experience history that you will never forget! If you would prefer a hiking vacation with a little more luxury, you can always go on walking tours through the Swiss Alps — ideal if you would like to go skiing afterwards!
  3. Visiting the spiritual East. It can be easy to get caught up in the trappings of the Western world on a daily basis. Life is fast paced in the West and the constant onslaught of media, news and information can leave a person feeling exhausted. One way to combat this is by taking a spiritual vacation in areas such as the Orient, particularly countries like Vietnam. Here life is much more relaxed, with people living simple lives of honest tranquility. Elsewhere, countries like India and ancient parts of China are synonymous with spiritual rebirth and metaphysical rejuvenation. Visiting the temples of Buddhist monks or sailing down the river Ganges during a religious festival is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and will provide you with an original vacation experience that will last a lifetime.
  4. Taking a trip to volunteer. There are many countries in the world where people suffer daily. Deciding to spend your vacation working in the poorest areas of the world helping those less fortunate is a humanitarian way of getting a holiday with a difference. If you are not sure whether volunteering is the kind of thing you would enjoy on a holiday, you can try helping out charities and community projects in your local area first in order to see if it would suit you.

There are a number of vacation options available to you that are bound to excite even the most devoted adrenalin junkie or soothe the most tortured of souls looking for spiritual growth and relaxation.

Which kind are you and which holiday will you take?

Image by by Ihor Vorotnov