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4 Great Places to Eat in Granada


Now, when you’re staying in Granada, you should keep in mind that your best gastronomic experience is going to be had based on the ambiance and location of the restaurant. Sure, you’ll find great eats, but in a city as magnificent as this, you’ll want to milk it for all its worth, and that means location!

Restaurante Mirador de Morayma – Everything Granada begins in the center. The Albayzin district is the old Moorish neighborhood where the streets curve round and round, and the narrowness of the alleyways bedazzles you in more ways than one. Make a reservation at the Mirador de Morayma Restaurant for a particularly great night of local dishes, ecological wines from the restaurant’s own estate, and an unrivalled view onto the gorgeous Alhambra. The country house in which it is settled offers a garden that shields you from passersby, and the whole experience is an atmospheric lesson in the tranquil.

Cunini – Back down in the center of town, nestled among all the great tapas bars of the Cathedral streets, you’ll find this superb seafood restaurant. In fact, many consider it to be one of the best in town. If you don’t have time to visit Andalusia’s coast—or even if you do—you should check out Cunini’s menu. On it you’ll find the traditional quisquillas, the zarzuela fish stew, and grilled fish parrilladas. All this stuff really satisfies, especially if seafood is your cup of tea!

Restaurante Chikito – You’ll find this restaurant delectable—and why? Because it’s a chic place situated in the same building as the once prestigious Café Alameda, where intellectual types gathered and created. You might feel privileged just sitting under the high ceilings or out on the leafy terrace beside the fountain of the Plaza del Campillo. The meal selection is quite refined, and you will really appreciate the gourmet dishes that have evolved alongside Granadian traditions.

El Claustro – One final restaurant to enjoy is El Claustro, located conveniently on the Gran Via Colon. This place is it for those of you looking for some particularly unique dishes that still have roots in the local. There’s Remojon Granadino for you salad lovers out there (grilled peppers and garlic). The ox sirloin with duck liver takes the original to a whole new level, and offers a truly different take on local gastronomy. Don’t be surprised to find a lot of avocado and mango in the dishes, as they are popular in the region.

For all your other meals, why not spend your time at the typical tapas bars? That way, you can save an extra dollar for a second glass of wine at one of these fabulous restaurants.

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