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3 Great Destinations For Tailor Made Travel

3 Great Destinations For Tailor Made Travel

If you are looking for a bespoke holiday that ticks all the right boxes, then you might want to opt for a tailor made holiday destination. ‘Tailoring’ your holiday to your exact requirements is becoming more and more popular these days, so with this in mind here are three great destinations that are ideally suited to bespoke travel.


A little over 3 and a half hours flying time from the UK lies the African Country of Morocco.

Morocco travel
Morocco travelarcher10 (Dennis) / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Experience all the sounds, smells and sights that this country has to offer. Bask in the sun on the Atlantic coast in Agadir, or take an evocative excursion through the Atlas mountains or the Sahara desert. Visit the vibrant market cities of Marrakesh and Fez and stay in a traditional Riad. Wander around in the kasbah’s and souks of these great cities and experience a sensory overload. Pick your favourite features and you can create the most magical tailor made holiday to Morocco which you’ll never forget.


Vietnam is the latest Asian country that is really starting to embrace tourism and as a result tailor made holidays to Vietnam are becoming more and more popular. Why not experience several days in the vibrant capital Hanoi.

Vietnam travel
Vietnam travelWanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com) / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC

Wonder around the old quarter where you will see stunning old French colonial buildings, take in some fantastic street food, or stop at a pavement café/bar, sip something ice cold and watch the world go by. Alternatively take a boat trip up the Mekong Delta stopping off at sleepy villages, or visit the stunning palm fringed beaches and lush green backdrops of Phu Quoc Island


This may not be everyone’s idea of a dream holiday destination, but what a destination it is! The Arctic is becoming very popular for those who really want to experience something different. Take the 7 hour flight to Spitsbergen in Svalbard Northern Norway, during July and August and from there hop onto a cruise ship and travel well into the Arctic circle. Experience rocky tundra which is peppered with delicate wild flowers and a surprising array of wildlife. From here you can opt to go polar bear watching, ice excursions, whale watching and see the awesome Northern Lights.

Arctic travel
Arctic travelsubarcticmike / Travel Photos / CC BY

In essence tailor made holidays are ideal for people and families who are looking to get as much out of their holiday as they can. You can explore interests at you own pace, and stay in accommodation in locations of your choosing and gear your holiday totally around your requirements. It is this flexibility that makes bespoke holidays the perfect choice for those looking for something a little outside of the norm.