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    2 Super-Hot London Nightclubs (That Have Opened This Year)

    Hot London Nightclubs
    Hot London Nightclubs

    The churn rate of nightclubs opening in London is high; One closes, another opens. Often half flop and half succeed. The difference this year is both clubs that have popped up in this yearly cycle have both been met with great success, and have already established themselves as killer nights out to rival any other offering.

    The clubs in question are: Public and The Box. And these two clubs are very different indeed — You’ll see what I mean.


    Opened by Guy Pelly, close friend of Princes Harry and William. Public attracts the privately educated, and the well-to-do around the wealthy area of West London; South Kensington to be exact.

    Background: Private schools in England are known as public schools, hence the name ‘Public’.

    It’s set in an old antiques warehouse; And no expense has been spared on the interior. It’s stunning. With an industrial feel it’s finished to an extremely high specification.

    There’s no club in London that currently attracts high-society quite like Public. There are many clubs that attract other desirable crowds, such as the Euro, Arab, and Russian elite for example, but they fail to attract the South Ken set (South Kensington). What are the guests like? At the core are the old Estonians (educated at Eton College) who often become the political leaders, business moguls, and socialites of London. And along with this are the bankers, lawyers, and the other traditional occupations of a monied family.

    The music is in no way experimental, it’s tasteful, but definitely doesn’t push the boundaries of creative endeavor in any way. The DJs are technically sound, however as the music plays it safe there are no big name DJs at the club on a regular basis.

    It’s not just me that praises the club, it was also voted the Best New Club in London at this years London Club And Bar Awards.

    The Box

    A bit of something different. Different from most any other club — apart from its sister, The Box Manhattan, New York City.

    The Box calls itself a “theatre of varieties”, others have called it seedy! It attracts as much negative attention as it does positive. Why? Due to its risque cabaret. And I mean risque. It’s been said that it doesn’t draw the line at sexual acts.

    You may be thinking, “does this really attract the right people?”. Yes, it does! There’s been a tremendous amount of visitors from sports stars, TV stars, film stars, and royalty.

    Even if you think it’s seedy, with tables starting at £1000/$1600 it’s seedy and expensive. And there’s plenty of people willing to take The Box up on the offer of a table.

    Located in Soho the club attracts a mixed crowd, across all spectrums of life — It’s probably the only place you’ll see aristocrats partying along side cross-dressers.

    Unlike Public the music (as you may expect) is considerably more experimental. If you ever go to the venue there’s a high degree of chance you’ll end up dancing like crazy, and if you’ll like most guests end up looking much scruffier then when you entered — excess takes its toll you know.

    Guest post by Chris Hunt, who also writes for other clubbing websites, and when he’s not writing he’s out on the town partying.

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